Buying Beer with Bitcoin in Leadville, Colorado

Earlier this week, I checked out Leadville, Colorado. It’s North America’s highest elevation city nestled 10,152 feet above sea level. 

The town has a great history going back to the 1800’s seeped in silver mining, speculation, outlaws, and the wild west.

The streets were buzzing. Outdoor tables were filled on a Tuesday. People strolled through town to shop and enjoy the fresh mountain air. Everything about it was lovely. 

Sure, I’m writing about it today, in part, because of the sweet scenery — but also because the community feels increasingly crypto friendly.

Tour The Town

I took my time and wandered.

This sign greeted me with a brief history of Leadville’s inception as I rolled in. Entering The Cloud City. Love that.

I came to The National Mining Hall of Fame and Museum. During the 1880s more than 30,000 residents flocked to Leadville. Hotels, restaurants, saloons, and brothels sprang up. There was a silver mining boom and prospectors followed. 

Then in 1893, the bubble burst as the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was repealed and the action subsided.

Tucked behind the two front doors stands a beautiful bronze statue, Single Jack Miner by Lori Atz.

And a personal favorite, the railroad diorama depicting the good ole days. 

Next, I hit Melanzana, a local outdoor apparel store. The company specializes in ultrasoft fleecewear and due to high demand shopping is by appointment ONLY. You love to see it.

Then, down the street from Melanzana, the legendary Silver Dollar Saloon which was established in 1879. 

John Henry “Doc” Holiday lived across the street from the saloon during his days there. The town’s website shared

The fast-paced action was perfect for his high-rolling ways. 

But Doc wasn’t the only celebrity… “The Unsinkable Molly Brown,” an American socialite and philanthropist, was a frequent visitor of the high country watering hole. 

Here’s the bar:

And here’s where I hung out, wrote this piece, and bought a beer with Bitcoin. It was an easy and seamless transaction. 

I’m not the only one, the bartender said he gets others paying with crypto too. It’s the spot…

Builders are building. Homes are popping up left and right. Something’s happening here… I snapped this shot at 12th & Hazel.

See the map for reference: 

And just outside of town was Mt. Massive golf course. Like Leadville, the track is the highest in North America. 

The whole scene was stunning, fully surrounded by the Rockies. Here’s me on the 2nd tee.

And here I am striping a nice 9-iron on the range—

What’s Old Is New

The most interesting take away from the whole day is, What’s Old Is New. 

I’m here in a community that boomed then busted as a result of speculation in Silver and I’m buying drinks with Bitcoin. Not bad. 

Moreover, I got the vibe there’s something brewing in Leadville aside from beer. Seeds are getting sown.

Check out this chart. The population of Leadville, Colorado got pummeled after the silver bubble popped. But, this year, for the first time in over 30 years, it ticked above 3,000. 

And… overheard from a Leadville local, the town sees ~10,000 tourists every weekend. Wow.

P.S. If you’ve recently transacted with crypto IRL… please let us know; when, where, and for what. We’ll continue to roam. Thanks, y’all.