What is the Osprey Bitcoin Trust?

The Osprey Bitcoin Trust provides a simple and secure way to gain exposure to bitcoin in your investment portfolio. The Trust carries a management fee of 0.49%, by far the lowest cost solution on the U.S. market today.

The Trust can be held in a brokerage account, IRA or other tax advantaged account. Fidelity Digital Assets Services is the third-party custodian. They hold the bitcoin in the trust and keep it secure.

The Osprey Bitcoin Trust allows investors to gain exposure to bitcoin without having to worry about wallets, keys, or storage.

Why should I own shares in the trust vs. purchasing digital assets outright?

Osprey makes it easy for you to invest in bitcoin.

We manage the whole process, allowing investors the benefits of bitcoin exposure without the burden of purchasing bitcoin, storing it, keeping it safe, and managing the keys and passwords.

Plus, investors can hold Osprey Bitcoin Trust in their brokerage or IRA account.

Osprey has completed due diligence on all counterparties involved, giving the investor peace of mind in the process.

How do investors invest in the Osprey Bitcoin Trust Private Placement?

Accredited investors may purchase shares at net asset value. Accredited investors can participate in the private placement by subscribing online.

What are the fees and expenses associated with the Osprey Bitcoin Trust?

The Osprey Bitcoin Trust management fee is 0.49%. Additional fees and expenses include custody, audit, index licensing, and legal. We expect these additional expenses to total 0.30% or less for 2021.

Can I purchase shares in my retirement account?

Private placement investors can purchase shares in a Self-Directed IRA account as long as your IRA custodian allows private placements to be held in your account. Please check with your broker. Self-Directed IRA providers include Alto IRA*, The Entrust Group, Mainstar Trust, Madison Trust Company, and Pacific Premier Trust.

*We’ve selected Alto as our preferred provider for easy and cost-effective private placement investing. You can learn more about Alto here.

What is the minimum investment for accredited investors participating in the private placement offering?

Private Placement investments require a $25,000 minimum investment size.

What is the lock up period?

The lock up period is one year for private placement investments.

Where is the Bitcoin stored for safekeeping?

The Trust stores its Bitcoin with a third-party custodian, Fidelity Digital Assets Services (FDAS). FDAS is a division of Fidelity Investments, one of the largest financial services companies in the world.

On the secondary market, under what ticker symbol will you find the Osprey Bitcoin Trust?


How do I transfer private placement shares in the trust to my brokerage account?

After the lock-up period ends, our transfer agent, Continental Stock, will facilitate transferring the shares into a brokerage account.

Can I buy shares in the trust if I am not an accredited investor?

Yes, shares will trade in the secondary market under the ticker symbol OBTC.