Weekend Recap: Dispatches from the Geeky Mixer

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Good morning, everyone! Welcome to the inaugural Osprey Funds Weekend Crypto Link Fest.

Grab a chair as we dive in—

? Boy, The ECB Flipped Fast—

Two weeks ago, European Central Bank Vice President, Luis de Guindos, said “Crypto assets shouldn’t be seen as a ‘real investment.’”

Fast forward to this week— the ECB issued its annual review on The international role of the euro, including a ‘special feature’ on the issuance of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and emphasizing their importance.

Here’s a money quote:

Recent research suggests that a currency’s role as an invoicing or payment unit acts as a complement to its role as a store of value, resulting in positive feedback loops.

Read the full statement here.

?‍♂️ Crypto Takes From One Of The Greats

Legendary money manager Stanley Druckenmiller spoke with Trung T. Phan before Memorial Day Weekend. It’s a phenomenal interview.

When asked his thoughts on Bitcoin vs. Ethereum Druck shared;

I think Bitcoin has won the store of value game because it is:

  • a brand
  • it’s been around for 13-14 years
  • It has a finite supply

Is it going to be gold? I don’t know. It’s sure as hell doing a good imitation of it the last year or two.

On Ethereum he says,

It reminds me a little of MySpace before Facebook. Or maybe a better analogy is Yahoo before Google came along. Google wasn’t that much faster than Yahoo, but it didn’t need to be.

Catch the full conversation here.

? The Dollar Dashed To A 3-Year Low

The US Dollar Index $DXY closed at its lowest monthly level since January 2018. Here’s the multi-decade chart from JC Parets:

If crypto might hedge inflation, then it matters. Read JC’s full take here.

It’s Literally a Tricycle

Soon you can mine crypto while cruising. Really.

Light Electric Vehicle maker, Daymak is accepting payments (in fiat, but crypto is encouraged) for the Daymak Spiritus, a three wheel electric vehicle that will mine crypto even when it’s parked.

The company said,

As an emission-free daily driver with solar charging capabilities, Nebula infrastructure turns Daymak’s Spiritus vehicles into environmentally-friendly crypto miner nodes, which is an unprecedented milestone in the rapid evolution of blockchain technologies.

Production is slated for 2022. Best of luck.

? What’s New In NFTs?

The dust is settling in the NFT industry. Total NFT sales plunged ~90% from early-May highs according to Protos:

Despite the drop, Club Necaxa issued 1% ownership of the team via NFT. Team investor Al Tylis commented,

We’re coming into a nearly 98-year-old brand that the vast majority hasn’t heard of yet… I genuinely believe that this is a new category.

? Dispatches from the Geeky Mixer

It’s Bitcoin Week in South Beach.

Lots happening at the conference. Square and Twitter CEO spoke and said,

I don’t think there is anything more important in my lifetime to work on.

But these events are rarely about the scheduled itinerary. What matters; who you know, who you meet, and what you see.It’s a geeky mixer.

Osprey MD, Ryan Ballantyne snapped this shot at the conference in the Wynwood neighborhood of Miami of a mural in process to be titled The Evolution of Money.If you’re there stop by The Bitcoin Classic Basketball Tournament. Osprey tips off Saturday, June 5th at 1:45 PM and we’re in it to win it! Here’s a link to the live stream.


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