Quarterly Crypto Price Review with All Star Charts

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Good Morning Everyone –

This week, we made a video with JC Parets, better known as All Star Charts, and reviewed the long-term price and market cap action in the crypto space.

JC is a technical analyst who studies price behavior obsessively and he is as sharp as they come.

We chose the end of the quarter to publish this segment, because it is a good time to back up the lens and observe big picture trends without getting caught up in shorter term volatility.

More signal, less noise. 

Maybe we’ll make this a regular quarterly thing. We hope you enjoy!

Here’s a couple of the charts from the video:

Here are the monthly candlesticks for Bitcoin. With March in the books, it has now risen 6 months in a row.

The rise in the market capitalization of digital assets, excluding Bitcoin, might suggest that the larger ecosystem is growing.