Osprey NFT Fund

If you’re reading this, you’re still early.

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Why Osprey NFT Fund


We uncover early opportunities by understanding how online communities develop and how information spreads across networks.


Our strong consensus comes from our active role in building thriving communities around our portfolio.


We maintain a secure fund infrastructure with vigilant compliance procedures around custody, cold storage, auditing, and administration.

About Osprey Funds

Osprey Funds is your trusted guide to select crypto. We combine deep, institutional money management experience with sharp NFT investment knowledge to deploy a rigorous approach with an eye toward scale.

Greg King, Founder and CEO

Greg founded Osprey Funds in 2018, combining his transformative financial product experience and interest in crypto. He is an innovator in the field, launching over 100 products, and has been a crypto investor since 2013.

Bill Birmingham, CFA

Bill Birmingham, Chief Investment Officer

With extensive investment experience across multiple markets and strategies including crypto, Bill has experience with instituting scalable strategies that grow with market size and shifting source of alpha.

Justin Paterno, Portfolio Manager

Justin has unique experience building community and meme-based investing networks at scale, giving him an innate understanding of how information and ideas spread through networks as communities grow larger and more diverse.

Fund Details

Investment Manager

Osprey Alpha, LLC

Form of Organization

Delaware Limited Partnership


Accredited Investors who are also Qualified Clients


Quarterly, USD, USDC unless waived by Sponsor

Minimum Investment

$1M minimum


Quarterly, subject to 5-year lock up, 60 days notice period


2% Management Fee; 20% Performance Allocation subject to a high water mark

Tax Reporting


To learn more about the Osprey NFT Fund, please request more information and our Investor Relations team will be in touch.

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