One Trillion Dollars

Bitcoin is moving close to the $1 Trillion market capitalization mark.

As of 9:00 AM ET, the cap stands near $960B within 4% of the big level.

We get this number by multiplying the total number of bitcoin that has been mined so far by the current price. Bitcoin will hit the $1T mark when it trades at approximately $53,600. (This price is subject to change as new coins are mined.)

Long-term, round numbers don’t have much meaning.

But people are fascinated by milestones like this and we might hear a lot about it if and when this occurs.

It is a signpost along the adoption curve, a narrative that grabs attention and raises awareness which, in turn, drives more awareness.

So it’s a reflexivity thing. People caring about the story increases the significance of it.

The New Osprey Logo

Thanks to everyone who made Tuesday’s Osprey Bitcoin Trust secondary market launch a success. Today, we’d like to give one guy in particular a shout out.

Jord Riekwel, an independent logo designer in Rotterdam, Netherlands, created our new logo and we love it.

Strong bird, cool design.

We’ve been admiring his work for some time and so when we wanted to redesign the Osprey, we reached out. He was great to work with too – fast, friendly, and high quality.

You can find more of Jord’s work on his website or follow him on Twitter.

OBTC Daily Data Updates

We provide Osprey Bitcoin Trust data updates daily on the product page of our website and post them on social channels. Keep an eye out.

Osprey Founder & CEO Greg King on CNBC

Yesterday afternoon, our founder and CEO, Greg King, appeared on CNBC to discuss the Osprey Bitcoin Trust launch. He had a great conversation with Morgan Brennan about bitcoin security that you can watch here.


Phil Pearlman is the Chief Behavioral Officer at Osprey Funds.

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