Introducing the Osprey Algorand Trust

Good Morning Everyone,

Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of the Osprey Algorand Trust.

Algorand is a promising technology that attempts to solve the blockchain trilemma by not sacrificing scalability, security, or decentralization. It is being used as the basis for cutting edge projects, such as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We’re excited to offer investors early, secure, and convenient access to ALGO, the native token of the Algorand Network.

The Trust is available to accredited investors with a $25,000 minimum investment. It is being custodied by Coinbase and we intend to pursue listing on the OTCQX market as soon as possible.

We are waiving the management fee until at least January 1, 2023.

Key Features

Fund Name: Osprey Algorand Trust
Underlying Cryptocurrency / Token: ALGO
ALGO Market Cap: $3.2B
ALGO 1yr Return: 514%
Minimum Investment Size: $25,000

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At Osprey Funds, we are committed to building the premier boutique digital asset investment firm. This is our third launch and we will continue to select compelling technologies for product offerings. So stay tuned for more updates by subscribing to our Newsletter and following us on Twitter at @OspreyFunds and @GregKingOsprey.

Thank you,

Greg King
CEO & Founder
Osprey Funds