Last Updated: 04/27/2022

Predictions by Osprey Funds were made as of April 2022.


Osprey is excited to be launching research coverage and introducing price targets on the large cap “Layer 1” protocols: Polkadot, Solana, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Avalanche, and Cardano. Layer 1 protocols are new decentralized, open-source technologies experiencing hyper growth in user adoption and transaction value. Our thesis is that these networks are the backbone and future of the next generation internet and as they mature, they provide uncorrelated sources of return for institutional portfolios. 

Crypto as an asset class has arrived and we’ve identified a gap in the market for institutional grade investment research to steward capital into the space. Our initial report is both a primer on the specifications of the protocol technologies but also a guide to where we see liquidity and excess return for institutional portfolios. We have a point of a view, but we are open to debate. Like all things new, and particularly in crypto, the facts change and we intend to change with them. With that, we are eager to begin.

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